[pdftex] ratty fonts when importing pdftex output into Windows Journal

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Sat Jun 26 11:35:05 CEST 2004

> So what do you recommend that I do.

Replace in your new setup bsr-interpolated.map and bsr.map by the
attatched files. Then run

That's it.

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% Thomas Esser, 1998, 2002, public domain.
cmb10 CMB10 <cmb10.pfb
cmbsy10 CMBSY10 <cmbsy10.pfb
cmbsy5 CMBSY5 <cmbsy5.pfb
cmbsy7 CMBSY7 <cmbsy7.pfb
cmbx10 CMBX10 <cmbx10.pfb
cmbx12 CMBX12 <cmbx12.pfb
cmbx5 CMBX5 <cmbx5.pfb
cmbx6 CMBX6 <cmbx6.pfb
cmbx7 CMBX7 <cmbx7.pfb
cmbx8 CMBX8 <cmbx8.pfb
cmbx9 CMBX9 <cmbx9.pfb
cmbxsl10 CMBXSL10 <cmbxsl10.pfb
cmbxti10 CMBXTI10 <cmbxti10.pfb
cmcsc10 CMCSC10 <cmcsc10.pfb
cmdunh10 CMDUNH10 <cmdunh10.pfb
cmex10 CMEX10 <cmex10.pfb
cmff10 CMFF10 <cmff10.pfb
cmfi10 CMFI10 <cmfi10.pfb
cmfib8 CMFIB8 <cmfib8.pfb
cminch CMINCH <cminch.pfb
cmitt10 CMITT10 <cmitt10.pfb
cmmi10 CMMI10 <cmmi10.pfb
cmmi12 CMMI12 <cmmi12.pfb
cmmi5 CMMI5 <cmmi5.pfb
cmmi6 CMMI6 <cmmi6.pfb
cmmi7 CMMI7 <cmmi7.pfb
cmmi8 CMMI8 <cmmi8.pfb
cmmi9 CMMI9 <cmmi9.pfb
cmmib10 CMMIB10 <cmmib10.pfb
cmmib5 CMMIB5 <cmmib5.pfb
cmmib7 CMMIB7 <cmmib7.pfb
cmr10 CMR10 <cmr10.pfb
cmr12 CMR12 <cmr12.pfb
cmr17 CMR17 <cmr17.pfb
cmr5 CMR5 <cmr5.pfb
cmr6 CMR6 <cmr6.pfb
cmr7 CMR7 <cmr7.pfb
cmr8 CMR8 <cmr8.pfb
cmr9 CMR9 <cmr9.pfb
cmsl10 CMSL10 <cmsl10.pfb
cmsl12 CMSL12 <cmsl12.pfb
cmsl8 CMSL8 <cmsl8.pfb
cmsl9 CMSL9 <cmsl9.pfb
cmsltt10 CMSLTT10 <cmsltt10.pfb
cmss10 CMSS10 <cmss10.pfb
cmss12 CMSS12 <cmss12.pfb
cmss17 CMSS17 <cmss17.pfb
cmss8 CMSS8 <cmss8.pfb
cmss9 CMSS9 <cmss9.pfb
cmssbx10 CMSSBX10 <cmssbx10.pfb
cmssdc10 CMSSDC10 <cmssdc10.pfb
cmssi10 CMSSI10 <cmssi10.pfb
cmssi12 CMSSI12 <cmssi12.pfb
cmssi17 CMSSI17 <cmssi17.pfb
cmssi8 CMSSI8 <cmssi8.pfb
cmssi9 CMSSI9 <cmssi9.pfb
cmssq8 CMSSQ8 <cmssq8.pfb
cmssqi8 CMSSQI8 <cmssqi8.pfb
cmsy10 CMSY10 <cmsy10.pfb
cmsy5 CMSY5 <cmsy5.pfb
cmsy6 CMSY6 <cmsy6.pfb
cmsy7 CMSY7 <cmsy7.pfb
cmsy8 CMSY8 <cmsy8.pfb
cmsy9 CMSY9 <cmsy9.pfb
cmtcsc10 CMTCSC10 <cmtcsc10.pfb
cmtex10 CMTEX10 <cmtex10.pfb
cmtex8 CMTEX8 <cmtex8.pfb
cmtex9 CMTEX9 <cmtex9.pfb
cmti10 CMTI10 <cmti10.pfb
cmti12 CMTI12 <cmti12.pfb
cmti7 CMTI7 <cmti7.pfb
cmti8 CMTI8 <cmti8.pfb
cmti9 CMTI9 <cmti9.pfb
cmtt10 CMTT10 <cmtt10.pfb
cmtt12 CMTT12 <cmtt12.pfb
cmtt8 CMTT8 <cmtt8.pfb
cmtt9 CMTT9 <cmtt9.pfb
cmu10 CMU10 <cmu10.pfb
cmvtt10 CMVTT10 <cmvtt10.pfb
euex10 EUEX10 <euex10.pfb
eufb10 EUFB10 <eufb10.pfb
eufb5 EUFB5 <eufb5.pfb
eufb7 EUFB7 <eufb7.pfb
eufm10 EUFM10 <eufm10.pfb
eufm5 EUFM5 <eufm5.pfb
eufm7 EUFM7 <eufm7.pfb
eurb10 EURB10 <eurb10.pfb
eurb5 EURB5 <eurb5.pfb
eurb7 EURB7 <eurb7.pfb
eurm10 EURM10 <eurm10.pfb
eurm5 EURM5 <eurm5.pfb
eurm7 EURM7 <eurm7.pfb
eusb10 EUSB10 <eusb10.pfb
eusb5 EUSB5 <eusb5.pfb
eusb7 EUSB7 <eusb7.pfb
eusm10 EUSM10 <eusm10.pfb
eusm5 EUSM5 <eusm5.pfb
eusm7 EUSM7 <eusm7.pfb
lasy10 LASY10 <lasy10.pfb
lasy5 LASY5 <lasy5.pfb
lasy6 LASY6 <lasy6.pfb
lasy7 LASY7 <lasy7.pfb
lasy8 LASY8 <lasy8.pfb
lasy9 LASY9 <lasy9.pfb
lasyb10 LASYB10 <lasyb10.pfb
lcircle10 LCIRCLE10 <lcircle1.pfb
lcirclew10 LCIRCLEW10 <lcirclew.pfb
lcmss8 LCMSS8 <lcmss8.pfb
lcmssb8 LCMSSB8 <lcmssb8.pfb
lcmssi8 LCMSSI8 <lcmssi8.pfb
line10 LINE10 <line10.pfb
linew10 LINEW10 <linew10.pfb
msam10 MSAM10 <msam10.pfb
msam5 MSAM5 <msam5.pfb
msam7 MSAM7 <msam7.pfb
msbm10 MSBM10 <msbm10.pfb
msbm5 MSBM5 <msbm5.pfb
msbm7 MSBM7 <msbm7.pfb
wncyb10 WNCYB10 <wncyb10.pfb
wncyi10 WNCYI10 <wncyi10.pfb
wncyr10 WNCYR10 <wncyr10.pfb
wncysc10 WNCYSC10 <wncysc10.pfb
wncyss10 WNCYSS10 <wncyss10.pfb
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% The bsr fonts don't cover the whole AMS set. This map file tells
% pdftex/dvips to fill the gaps by using the closest available size.
% cmex fonts are no longer scaled by this file; instead, ttcmex.map is
% used in teTeX (using Type1 fonts from TeXTrace2001).
% Submitted by Christophe Bernard. 1998, Thomas Esser.
cmbsy6 CMBSY7 <cmbsy7.pfb
cmbsy8 CMBSY7 <cmbsy7.pfb
cmbsy9 CMBSY10 <cmbsy10.pfb
cmbxti12 CMBXTI12 <cmbxti10.pfb
cmbxti7 CMBXTI10 <cmbxti10.pfb
cmcsc8 CMCSC10 <cmcsc10.pfb
cmcsc9 CMCSC10 <cmcsc10.pfb
cmitt12 CMITT12 <cmitt10.pfb
cmitt9 CMITT10 <cmitt10.pfb
cmmib6 CMMIB7 <cmmib7.pfb
cmmib8 CMMIB7 <cmmib7.pfb
cmmib9 CMMIB10 <cmmib10.pfb
cmsl6 CMSL8 <cmsl8.pfb
cmsltt9 CMSLTT10 <cmsltt10.pfb
cmssbxo10 CMSSBX10 " .212 SlantFont " <cmssbx10.pfb
euex7 EUEX10 <euex10.pfb
euex8 EUEX10 <euex10.pfb
euex9 EUEX10 <euex10.pfb
eufb6 EUFB7 <eufb7.pfb
eufb8 EUFB7 <eufb7.pfb
eufb9 EUFB10 <eufb10.pfb
eufm6 EUFM7 <eufm7.pfb
eufm8 EUFM7 <eufm7.pfb
eufm9 EUFM10 <eufm10.pfb
eurb6 EURB7 <eurb7.pfb
eurb8 EURB7 <eurb7.pfb
eurb9 EURB10 <eurb10.pfb
eurm6 EURM7 <eurm7.pfb
eurm8 EURM7 <eurm7.pfb
eurm9 EURM10 <eurm10.pfb
eusb6 EUSB7 <eusb7.pfb
eusb8 EUSB7 <eusb7.pfb
eusb9 EUSB10 <eusb10.pfb
eusm6 EUSM7 <eusm7.pfb
eusm8 EUSM7 <eusm7.pfb
eusm9 EUSM10 <eusm10.pfb
msam6 MSAM7 <msam7.pfb
msam8 MSAM7 <msam7.pfb
msam9 MSAM10 <msam10.pfb
msbm6 MSBM7 <msbm7.pfb
msbm8 MSBM7 <msbm7.pfb
msbm9 MSBM10 <msbm10.pfb
wncyb5 WNCYB10 <wncyb10.pfb
wncyb6 WNCYB10 <wncyb10.pfb
wncyb7 WNCYB10 <wncyb10.pfb
wncyb8 WNCYB10 <wncyb10.pfb
wncyb9 WNCYB10 <wncyb10.pfb
wncyi5 WNCYI10 <wncyi10.pfb
wncyi6 WNCYI10 <wncyi10.pfb
wncyi7 WNCYI10 <wncyi10.pfb
wncyi8 WNCYI10 <wncyi10.pfb
wncyi9 WNCYI10 <wncyi10.pfb
wncyr5 WNCYR10 <wncyr10.pfb
wncyr6 WNCYR10 <wncyr10.pfb
wncyr7 WNCYR10 <wncyr10.pfb
wncyr8 WNCYR10 <wncyr10.pfb
wncyr9 WNCYR10 <wncyr10.pfb
wncyss8 WNCYSS10 <wncyss10.pfb
wncyss9 WNCYSS10 <wncyss10.pfb

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