[pdftex] Problem with hlines in pdftex

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jun 23 09:28:25 CEST 2004

Gregory Collins wrote:

>I am having a problem with the .pdf files being generated by
>pdflatex. I am using the longtable package to make documents with
>tables having rules in them. When viewing the resulting .pdf files in
>Acrobat Reader, I'm seeing what look like rounding errors: the
>vertical and horizontal rules in the tables appear and disappear at
>random, and sometimes lines end up being wider on-screen than others.
>I (obviously) would like these lines to be at least a pixel wide even
>when the document is zoomed-out. Changing the anti-aliasing settings
>in Acrobat Reader doesn't help. Is there anything that I can do to
>make this problem go away?
each version of acrobat reader does it differently; version 5 was pretty good, 6 is worse (there are more places where accuracy is a problem; to me it seems that smoothing/cooltype, caching, rounding and transparency (when used) are somehow interacting)

maybe you have a version 5 laying around  


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