[pdftex] slightly OT: tables in pdflatex

franciszek holop fred at pentacom.sk
Fri Jun 18 11:42:14 CEST 2004


i know i am offtopic, but please help me if you can.

i've been admiring tex for some years now, it's only
weak side being tables.  compared to html tables it
is really painfull (at least for me).

please tell me which packages you use when you want
to make tables: spanning more pages, cells containing
paragraphs(not just one line, and taking \\) and can
align the cells vertically and horizontally(centered).

currently i am struggling with:

and probably that is even not for more pages.
(didn't get there yet ;-)

i am interested in the advices of more experienced

i'm neither for, nor against apathy.

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