[pdftex] \pdfmapfile while creating a format file (MiKTeX pdfTex 1.20a)

Christian Schenk cs at miktex.org
Tue Jul 20 20:41:09 CEST 2004


I have a question relating to \pdfmapfile and format file creation
(MiKTeX pdfTeX 1.20a-rc4).

Should it be possible to use the \pdfmapfile directive while creating a
pdflatex format file? In other words, is the following practicable:

pdftex -ini mypdftex.tex

with mypdftex.tex:

\input latex.ltx

Currently (MiKTeX 1.20a-rc4), the mapfile info doesn't make it into the
format file, i.e., \pdfmapfile has no effect here. Is this a MiKTeX specific
bug? Or is it by design, that we cannot compile map file info into the
format file?


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