[pdftex] Include pdfcolmk in xcolor? (was: problem with color.sty in pdflatex)

Uwe Kern u.kern at web.de
Mon Jul 5 18:36:49 CEST 2004

Dear all,

I did think about including pdfcolmk in xcolor myself before since every other week there is
a thread on this list, asking for help with respect to colors and pagebreaks.

Given that in pdfcolmk.sty it is said:

% Limitations: * mark limitations: page breaks in math
%              * LaTeX's output routine is redefinded.
%                * Changes in the output routine of newer versions
%                  of LaTeX are not detected.
%                * Packages that change the output routine are not
%                  supported.

before I start to work on that inclusion, I would like to ask the pdftex experts:

1) Does every user of colored text automatically want pdfcolmk to be employed?
2) Are the cited limitations a problem for `normal' users?
3) Is there any other harm to be expected from loading pdfcolmk as a default?
4) What is the role of eTeX vs. TeX here?
5) Is there, perhaps, some work going on to implement a color stack in pdftex itself
    (making pdfcolmk and the like superfluous)?

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Best regards
Uwe Kern

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