[pdftex] problem with color.sty in pdflatex

Wybo Dekker wybo at servalys.nl
Sun Jul 4 14:11:08 CEST 2004

I think there is a bug in color.sty, although I hardly dare say so, 
because I would expect that the problem would have come up much earlier. 

My impression is that when a page ends with a color, it will also start 
with that color. This is illustrated by the following:

   I'm supposed to be black, because no color was set until now;
   after me, the color is set to red.

   I'm red, but after me the color is set to green,
   followed by a newpage, so this page ends in green.
   As a result, my black brother on top of this page has turned green. 
   I'm supposed to be green; after me comes blue,
   followed by a newpage, so this page ends in blue.
   As a result, my color is actually blue. 
   I'm blue and after me, the color stays so, happily,
   because if after me the color would become white,
   I would have been invisible. 

A similar source in ConTeXt has no problems. 
Do I make a mistake in my source?
Or is this really a bug?

Wybo Dekker

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