[Cjk] Re: [pdftex] Acrobat 6.0, pdfTeX, and CJK/Unicode incompatibility?

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Fri Jan 2 21:27:23 CET 2004

> The more I look at this problem, the more worried I am: the PDF
> files produced by pdfTeX are not only contain characters considered
> "inaccessible" by Acrobat 6.0, Acrobat 6.0 cannot repair them.  And
> as I mentioned, if one looks at the files with Apple's Preview, the
> file is NOT recreated properly.  I've spent many hours researching
> this but have been unable to find any solution.

For a first quick test, I've done

        latex       dvipdfmx
   tex ------> dvi ---------> pdf

[I've sent the output to you privately].  The created file is just
about 20% of the pdflatex output.  Please test whether this works for
you, and whether you can further process this document.

BTW, I only have acroread 4 on my Linux box.  Both files display
fine.  There is one thing strange to me.  In your pdfTeX_problem.pdf,
if I select

  File->Document Info->Fonts->List All Fonts...

some cyberbit subfonts (cyberbit6c, cyberbit80, etc.) appear without
the `embedded TrueType' attributes.  I don't know the reason.

> I have included in the folder below several short files.  In the
> subfolder LaTeX_files are the following files (I am using TeXShop):
> pdfTeX_problem.tex, which is the input source; pdfTeX_problem.pdf,
> which is my output from TeXShop; and pdfTeX_problem.log. When I do a
> "Full Check" in Acrobat of pdfTeX_problem.pdf, I get message stating
> that "169 words inaccessible because they contain characters with no
> reliable mapping to unicode".

Indeed, there are no `ToUnicode' arrays which map subfonts glyph
indices back to Unicode values.  It *is* possible to do that with
pdfTeX (you should probably search the list archives), but I've never
tried it.  On the other hand, dvipdfmx does it automatically.

Currently, dvipdfmx is *far* better than pdfTeX w.r.t. CJK fonts.  If
you don't need features of pdfTeX not available within dvipdfmx I
strongly suggest to use it.  [Sorry to say that on the pdftex list.]

I think it is a bug in Acrobat that it garbles the output of your
(original) document.  Despite of the warning, it should leave the
documument as-is.

> In addition to trying some simple workarounds, and contacting Adobe,
> I spent most of yesterday trying to install an alternative Chinese
> font, thinking the problem might be the Cyberbit.ttf font I'm using.
> Unfortunately, I discovered, many of the tools for converting and
> installing fonts (ttf2tex, ttf2afm, installfont) don't seem to work
> with non-European fonts.

Use ttf2tfm to create proper encoding vectors for CJK fonts.  But I
think you will get similar problems if you don't manage to add
ToUnicode arrays.


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