[pdftex] ANN: AcroTeX Update

story at uakron.edu story at uakron.edu
Thu Jan 1 03:11:09 CET 2004

Hi all,

Just uploaded a new version of the AcroTeX Bundle at


Partial list of what's new:

(1) Exerquiz. Numerous changes that enhance the ability to pose quiz
questions: questions can now be nested; can assign partial credit for
multiple choice type questions; math fill-in questions can not have
integer variables as well as "real" variables; new option
"noquizsolutions"; quizzes can now be a mixture of multiple choice
questions, some with link other with forms (check boxes).

(2) DLJSLib: Additional JS functions were contributed by Ross Moore
and Frances Griffin. These functions define the binomial coefficients,
permutations, factorials. These were developed in conjunction with
their MacQTeX online grading system.

Regards and Happy New Year,


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Akron /
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