[pdftex] swf objects in pdflatex

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Dec 30 10:30:49 CET 2004

Peter Schröder wrote:

> Does anyone have experience (success or horror stories) regarding the 
> inclusiong of flash content in pdf files?


it runs ok in acrobat 6, but somehow not in (at least my installation of) 
acrobat 7, so there is some horror story attached: my experience is that much of 
this functionality in acrobat ends up in there untested (I will look into a 'way 
around 7' later)

this is the source file:

<?xml version='1.0' ?>

<!-- Author : Hans Hagen / PRAGMA ADE / www.pragma-ade.com -->

<!-- texexec --pdf --use=mediashow mediashow.xml -->

<rl:resourcelibrary xmlns:rl='http://www.pragma-ade.com/xml/schemas/reslib.rng'>

     <rl:mediaclip label='sample 1'>
         <rl:name>Quicktime Movie</rl:name>
         <rl:text>This movie was made while waiting for a plane transfer
         in San Francisco on the way back from TUG 2003 on Hawaii to
         Europe. Pier 39 is located is the Bay Area.</rl:text>

     <rl:mediaclip label='sample 2'>
         <rl:name>Shockwave Simulation</rl:name>
         <rl:text>This simulation is made by Johan Jonker. This kind
         of animations goed under the names Flash and Shockwave.</rl:text>

     <rl:mediaclip label='sample 3'>
         <rl:name>Smil Presentation</rl:name>
         <rl:text>Here we see a one-picture slide show coded in SMIL. This
         picture is a downsampled 8 bit PNG version of the high resolution 24
         bit JPEG graphic; the viewer cannot handle the original.</rl:text>

     <rl:mediaclip label='sample 4'>
         <rl:name>MP3 Soundtrack</rl:name>
         <rl:picture backgroundcolor='black'>mediashow.jpg</rl:picture>
         <rl:text>This is the soundtrack to a movie made at Pier 39
         in San Francisco. The quality is rather low because no high
         end equipment was used. We compensate this by showing a high res



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