[pdftex] Inkscape update: woo hoo!

Ben Crowell pdftexcrowell04 at lightandmatter.com
Thu Dec 16 15:28:03 CET 2004

Recently there was a thread about the available options for
using open-source software to create illustrations for inclusion
in pdftex documents. At the time, I thought the most promising
possibility was Inkscape, but that it wasn't mature enough.
Since then, Inkscape 0.40 has come out, and I'm getting happier
and happier. The bugs and problems I'd encountered in my
application have pretty much all been fixed. It's still
not 1.0-level software, and you definitely need to subscribe
to the mailing lists to keep current, but it's really getting
there in terms of functionality. I've exported the 660 figures
in my textbooks from Adobe Illustrator to SVG format, and I
can now open them in Inkscape, edit them, and create EPS

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