[pdftex] cropping whitespace in pdfs

Kenny Chamber kenny at gem-hs.org
Thu Dec 16 02:50:42 CET 2004

I have several small pdf documents, each with 3-15 lines of
pdflatex-processed text followed by a link (using hyperref) to its relevant
page in a multi-volume set of on-line reference books.  (The small documents
appear first, to invite the users' curiosity, then if the user clicks, the
big ships come out.)

How can I trim down the dimensions of these small pdfs so they look more
tidy?  (I want to do this in an automated way, because there are hundreds of

I have also turned some pictures into pdfs because they had been encoded for
ps processing and I want to use pdflatex.  If I can trim them down likewise,
then I can then include in the volumes using \includegraphics.  There are
likewise many of these pictures, including much variety.  Could I crop them
in the same automated way as the small pdf pages?

Kenny Chamber

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