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>>>>> 陈 之初 <nosferuda at hotmail.com> (陈之) wrote:

陈之> How can I do this:
陈之> I want to generate a book which has 300 pages, but it is too big. Suppose
陈之> that there are 5 chapters in the book, page 1 to 50 is chapter 1, page 51
陈之> to 100 is chapter 2, page 101 to 210 is chapter 3, page 211 to 356 is
陈之> chapter 4 and page 357 to 300 is chapter 5. Can I use some packages to
陈之> pdfLaTeX my tex file into 5 pdf files, the pdf files' names are xxx001.pdf,
陈之> xxx051.pdf, xxx101.pdf, xxx211.pdf and xxx357.pdf.

The canonical way to do this in LaTeX is to write every chapter in a
separate TeX file and then to have a root document that uses:



If you want to compile only one chapter, add the line \includeonly{chap1}
before the \include lines. After compiling it you can rename the .pdf file.

It is wise to have a separate include file for the title page, table of
contents etc (front matter) and one for the back matter (index bibliography
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