[pdftex] Re: pdfetex can't find map files

Patrick Gundlach pg at levana.de
Sun Dec 12 23:54:41 CET 2004

>>> fresh tetex-beta or TeXLive. Asking Hans to tell you *exactly*
>>> which build of pdftex he uses today is probably pointless, and I
>>> really doubt he has a 'clean' install that resembles a tetex or TL.
>>> But perhaps it makes sense to include the versions that are current
>>> on http://live.contextgarden.net ?

Taco, what versions do you mean?


> on linux.  I use the environment modules package (which SGI provides,
> but isn't hard to install from sources, although you need tcl or tclx)
> to make switching between multiple TeX configurations as easy as:
> $ module rm TeX
> $ module add TeX/TL2004

yeah, that's nice software. You should provide the link to
http://modules.sf.net :-)


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