[pdftex] how to embed mp3 into pdf using pdfTeX?

Tigran Aivazian tigran at aivazian.fsnet.co.uk
Mon Dec 6 21:43:25 CET 2004

Thank you, Alexander.
I was going to start writing (based on attachfile.sty) something which 
would do exactly what your movie15 package does. So you saved me a lot of 
time and effort.

The only drawback is the requirement for PDF 1.5, i.e. the result not 
accessible on Linux. I haven't experimented with this yet but, presumably, 
Linux Acrobat 5.0.9 would still display the PDF okay, just ignoring the 
multimedia attachment? Or will it refuse to display it completely? Also, 
in cases like these a primitive Linux viewer like xpdf is an advantage (as 
it is completely ignorant of all interesting PDF features). Maybe xpdf 
would still display it. Anyway, I will experiment to see if I need to have 
two separate PDF files or can keep a single one.

Kind regards

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Alexander Grahn wrote:

> Tigran Aivazian wrote:
>> Is it possible to embed mp3 files (and make them playable from within
>> Acrobat Reader) into a pdf file?
> Playing embedded sounds does only work with Win- and Mac-Versions of
> Acrobat Reader. Try movie15-Package:
> http://www.tug.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/movie15/
> You will need pdf(la)tex, version >=1.20 for real embedding (no externally linked sound files) and Adobe Reader >=6.0 for viewing the PDF.
> Examples:
> 1.) \includemovie[text=click here!]{}{}{sound.mp3}
> 2.) Start playing when the page containg the command is opend:
>    \includemovie[autoplay]{0pt}{0pt}{sound.mp3}
> 3.) like 2.) but don't stop sound on transition to next page
>    \includemovie[autoplay, continue]{0pt}{0pt}{sound.mp3}
> Alexander
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