[pdftex] Tables

intiha Ho gai intiha at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 11:19:11 CET 2004

I have the following table that i wanted to make...

 \textbf{Link Characteristic} & \textbf{Satellite} & \textbf{Wireless}
& \textbf{UWA (short range)}
    \textbf{Bit Rate} & 155 Mbps & 11 Mbps & 20-50 Kbps \\
    \textbf{BER} & $10^{-10}$ & $10^{-5}$ & $10^{-3}$ \\
    \textbf{Path Delay} & $\sim$ 2-3 msec & < 1 $\mu$ sec & $\sim$2-3 msec \\
\caption{Comparison of Link Characteristics}\label{Table 1}

I have two probs, one this table goes onto the second column ( I dont
want to use table*, cant i restrict it to one col?), and two that the
First colum of second Row i.e BER shows up together with  UWQ(short
range). Also I want to attach a foornote to UWA and the text attached
to the table and not the bottom of tha page. Any idea how to do this?

I am using WinEdt.

Thank you.

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