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This is the type of header I use when wanting color to appear
in my file ...

%the nos above represent the color gauge of each color ... like mixing
%different color paints to get the exact shade combo you wish. 
{\color[rgb]{1,0,0} Test test}
{\color[rgb]{0,0,1} blue blue}
{\color[rgb]{0,1,0} is it green}

{\color{red} Test test}
{\color{blue} blue blue}
{\color{green} it it green}
{\color{yellow} is it yellow}

{\color[rgb]{0.3,0.6,0.1} other}

{\color{mycol} mycolor}

Include the above as part of your preamble ....

If you are useing \usepackage[dvips]{graphics}

You MUST convert the file from a .dvi file to a .ps fine in order for the 
``color'' package to work ...........................


Run it through latex filename.tex
.... to obtain a .dvi file

Run it through pdflatex filename.tex

.... to get a .pdf file

to view

gv filename.pdf

Hope I was able to help you ....

G. :-)

> I have trouble producing DVI with pdfLaTeX when using the color package.
> A LaTeX file like
> 	\documentclass{article}
> 	\usepackage[pdftex]{color}
> 	\pdfoutput=0
> 	\begin{document}
> 	.
> 	\end{document}
> yields:
> 	pdfTeX error (ext1): \pdfliteral used while \pdfoutput is not set.
> 	\set at color ->\pdfliteral
> 	                         {\current at color }\aftergroup \reset at color
> 	l.10 \end{document}
> 	No pages of output.
> Thank you,
> Alex
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