[pdftex] (fwd) pdftex bug in hyperlinks across page boundaries and footnotes

Hilmar Preusse hille42 at web.de
Mon Aug 2 11:46:05 CEST 2004

Hi all,

This bug came to our attention 3 years ago. It seems to be present
still in:
drachi:[hille] >pdftex
This is pdfTeXk, Version 3.14159-1.10b (Web2C 7.4.5)

I'm posting now to the pdftex mailing list, cause it could also be
an hyperref bug. I checked with 2003/11/30 v6.74m and still got that

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From: Marko Mäkelä <msmakela at tcs.hut.fi>
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Subject: pdftex bug in hyperlinks across page boundaries and footnotes
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 10:20:19 +0300 (EEST)
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Package: tetex-bin
Version: 1.0.7+20001218-3

When processing a texinfo document with pdftex, I noticed an error in the
output.  There is a hyperlink (@pxref command in texinfo) that starts near
the end of a page.  The text is broken to two pages, and there is a
footnote on the first page.

The bugs are:

- also the footnote text is coloured with the hyperlink colour and seems
  to be part of the hyperlink
- the second part of the hyperlink text at the top of the following page
  is not coloured (but is still part of the hyperlink)

This seems to be a bug in pdftex, since also the following pdflatex input
causes buggy output:

abc\footnote{def}\hyperlink{ghi}{jkl\newpage mno}
\vskip 30ex

In this output, "abc" is coloured although it shouldn't, "mno" is not
coloured, although it should be, and the footnote text "def" acts as a
hyperlink, although it shouldn't. 

With best regards,

	Marko Mäkelä
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