[pdftex] ExtGState and color

Hans Hagen Outside pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Aug 1 22:20:01 CEST 2004

pawcoo wrote:

> It works fine (shape of strokes and overprint) but what about current 
> color? There are parameters which set a colorspace but I haven't found 
> ExtGState parameter which describes current color. Is there any?
> In the example above, to invoke defined ExtGState parameters I have to 
> use \pdfliteral anyway. It means that to set a graphic state for the 
> whole document I need to repeat \pdfliteral{/myGS gs ...} for each 
> page in the output routine. Is there any other way to set global 
> graphic state parameters for the whole document including current color?

pdf's pages are independent so you have reinstate it at each shipout 


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