[pdftex] Variable pagelengths.

Michael Chapman mchapman at mchapman.com
Wed Sep 24 17:59:50 CEST 2003

We are to produce a suite of PDF pages that mimic a suite of HTML pages (I 
know doing so is debatable, but that's the decision). (Creating Latex from 

As it will be a one-to-one / page-for-page 'mapping', the pages (which are 
for screen viewing) will scroll (... unfortunate ...) and be of variable 

Before I start trying to write code to calculate lengths (or resort to a 
vertical filling box of grey at the foot of every page) has anyone been here 

Didn't find anything on a web search (but its not that key-wordable) and 
apologies if anyone thinks this is more Latex than pdflatex ... it is just 
such an output related question.


	Michael Chapman
	Culoz, France.

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