[pdftex] counting lines

the_shelter info at the-shelter.de
Wed Sep 24 07:57:08 CEST 2003

Hello pdftex,

>I have a problem w/ pdftex- well not really a problem:
>For my university thesis I use latest pdftex on Linux w/ babel dictionary 
>for german.
>The pdfoutput is really good but what I'd like to do is count the
>automatic line breaks it does.
>I.e. I have a 'background (document.cls)' on which I define a table w/ width 300pt.
>In this table I put text which then is automatically broken and
>hyphenated when writing out the pdf through pdftex. Is there something
>in the log, or any other possibility I can count the number of lines
>in my pdf output?
>Thank you in advance,

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