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Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Tue Sep 16 16:15:43 CEST 2003

Le jeudi 11 septembre 2003 à 19:03:14, Heiko Oberdiek écrivit :

HO> On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 09:52:51AM +0200, Thierry Bouche wrote:

>> Ah, great! in fact this is what hyperref will put in the PDF if you
>> say \href{run:mplayer movie.mpg}, which doesn't work under windows

HO> \href{run:mplayer#movie.mpg}


if I say:

I get:
578 0 obj <<
/Type /Annot
/Border [0 0 0] /H /I /C [0 .7 .7]
/Rect [170.001 348.926 528.241 361.559]
/Subtype /Link /A << /F (pdflatex-gut2003.tex) /S /Launch /NewWindow true >>
>> endobj

this works under windows because I assiciated .tex files with emacs. I
understand this would work under unix if .tex files were associated to
some emacs in mime-types (not tested)

if I say, as you suggest, \href{run:emacs#pdflatex-gut2003.tex}{...}

I get
580 0 obj <<
/Type /Annot
/Border [0 0 0] /H /I /C [0 .7 .7]
/Rect [170.001 310.072 495.795 322.705]
/Subtype /Link /A << /F (emacs) /S /Launch /NewWindow true /Win << /P (pdflatex-gut2003.tex) /F (emacs) >> >>
>> endobj

This will launch "emacs" without parameters under xpdf
(\href{run:emacs pdflatex-gut2003.tex}{...} would yield
/F(emacs pdflatex-gut2003.tex) which would work under xpdf, but
apparently only xpdf...) and it looks like it would exchange program &
file under windows, where this won't work.

Indeed, \href{run:pdflatex-gut2003.tex#xemacs}{...} works under windows,
not with xpdf under linux, and acrobat is so slow under linux that I
don't even know if one of these would happen to give something useful in
this context...

 Thierry Bouche                                      

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