[pdftex] pdfscreen and table of contents

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Thu Sep 11 08:54:34 CEST 2003

>>>>> "James" == James Haefner <jhaefner at biology.usu.edu> writes:

    James> Hi, Does anyone know how to do the following?  I want to
    James> create a screen version of a document using pdfscreen where
    James> the first page has a table of contents (with links to the
    James> sections and subsections, of course) AND the paneltoc also
    James> appears listing the table of contents, but not as a regular
    James> section.  That is, I want: First Page to look like:
    James> Contents link to section 1 link to subsection 1.1 link to
    James> section 2 link to subsection 2.1 link to subsection 2.2
    James> link to section3 ...

    James> and the paneltoc looks like: Contents Section 1 Section 2
    James> Section 3 ...

    James> The pdfscreen manual says not to use tableofcontents with
    James> the paneltoc option.  The following workaround code sort of
    James> works, but it is very tedious and error-prone to make the
    James> Contents section.

There is a quick and dirty trick to do this. Copy the \jobname.toc to
\jobname.oct. Then input this at the appropriate location and recompile.

  \input \jobname.oct

This works fine.



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