[pdftex] launching programs...

Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Fri Sep 5 12:09:45 CEST 2003

Hi  pdftex,

   Under windows something like:
    \pdfstartlink user{%
        /Subtype /Link
        /A << 
            /Type /Action 
            /S /Launch
            /F (samplepdf.tex)
   can launch the windows associated application to TeX files (in my
   case: xemacs). I could as well have links to Maple files or anything,

   I could prefer to send a command to execute to the system directly
   (xemacs file.tex, e.g., assuming command is on the system path) and I
   would like to have such a feature as much OS-independant as possible:
   "xemacs file.tex makes sense as well under windows or unix, provided
   the systems are well configured).

   Any hints about these questions?



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