[pdftex] Unencoded glyphs do not appear in pdf

J. Oliveira joliveira at mail.ist.utl.pt
Wed Oct 29 20:00:12 CET 2003


I'm having a problem with pdfLaTeX not being able to access 
unencoded glyphs. I installed some Type 1 font in my MiKTeX 
system using fontinst following the intructions of Phillip 
Lehman's Font Installation Guide. Now, for one of the fonts the 
fi and fl ligatures are not encoded, that is, the afm file has 
the following lines:

C -1 ; WX 600 ; N fi ; B -1 -16 620 764 ;

C -1 ; WX 606 ; N fl ; B 0 -17 627 763 ;

Neither dvips nor dvipdfm have any problem using these 
ligatures. However, if I generate the pdf file using pdflatex 
directly, the glyphs are missing (only for this font; the other 
fonts where the fl and fi characters are encoded in the afm 
file show no problem). My questions are:
a) Is this normal or is there any problem with my installation?
b) Is there any workaround so that I can still use pdflatex?


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