[pdftex] Get references to multiple objects on one page

Klaas Geldof klaas.geldof at softhome.net
Tue Oct 28 11:20:33 CET 2003


Let me explain my problem. The purpose of our project is to put animation in
a PDF document, by means of Java applets. We have already extended the PDF
specification; here's an example:

10 0 obj
<< /Type /Page
/Applets 11 0 R
11 0 obj
<< /Type /Applets
/Kids [12 0 R]
/Count 1
12 0 obj
<< /Type /Applet
/Box [10 10 200 300]
/Code (applet.class)

This syntax is recognized by our PDF viewer, that shows the applets on the
But now we want to define some LaTeX syntax, so that applets can be
specified in a LaTeX document. This is what I have:

\DeclareRobustCommand{\applet}[6]{\immediate \pdfobj{/Type /Applet
                                                     /Box [0 0 #1 #2]
                                                     /Code (#3)
                                                     /Codebase (#4)
                                                     /Archive (#5)
                                                     /Params [#6]}}

This works fine; an Applet object is added in the PDF file.

But now here's my problem:
- How do I get references to all the applets of one page in the entry /Kids
of a new PDF object with /Type /Applets?
- And then, how do I get a reference in the entry /Applets to this new
object in the Page object (\pdfpageattr{\pdflastobj 0 R} or something like
that doesn't do it)?

I hope you understand my problem; I did my best to state it clear.

And also: can someone tell me how to reply to a thread in this mailing list?
I don't know much about mailing lists :s

Greetz & thx,

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