[pdftex] PDFX3 Standard

Verwalter Dr.Betz kla at fh-landshut.de
Sun Oct 26 17:46:28 CET 2003

I recently did a job application using TeXLive7 (6/2002). I was quite
disappointed, how the included graphics (jpegs from my digicam) came out
of the hightech printer in the copy shop. Printing out the JPEGs in Corel
Draw (WindowsXP) was on the other hand no problem. It seemed a problem of
the PDF format, as I tried several methods of PDF generation without

Now I recently read of the PDFX3 standard (www.pdfx3.org). There is a
plugin available for acrobat writer > 4.05 to test for X3-compatibility
and even to convert to this format. The resulting PDF is considered to
include every information necessary for any printer: fonts included, ICC
and lots of funny techstuff.

Scribus (a new linux DTP) boasts of building PDFX3 files, although I had
no more success with it than with pdflatex (even when trying to convert to
X3 using the above acrobat plugin).

So what about PDFX3 compatibility? Should it not be the default in future
TeXLive distributions? Already inclusion of ALL fonts needs some tweaking
(especially when running TeXLive from CDROM). What about including ICC and
all the other stuff? I did not find much about PDFX3 on the pdftex list.

Is there a PDFX3 compatible TeX dialect, e.g. Context?

I hope, this would spare me to look for a copy shop compatible with the
momentary TeXLive or Acrobat Writer?

H. Betz

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