[pdftex] pdftricks & slides font issue

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at alumni.TU-Berlin.DE
Mon Oct 13 22:08:16 CEST 2003

Troy Goodson schrieb:
> I'm hoping that someone has a work-around for this problem:
> I want to use
>    \documentclass[landscape]{slides}
> with pdflatex & pdftricks.  However, when I use the slides class, the  
> fonts in the pstricks graphic are still the article-class fonts, not  
> the fonts for slides.  I had a workaround for an earlier version of  
> pdftricks, but I'm having problems adapting it to the current version.

you could try ps4pdf instead of pdftricks, it is in some
cases easier to handle. And you'll get the same font.

Here you'll find a shell script for running the sequence
of commands:






My own Text!

\rput(0,0.5){My own text!}
\pstVerb{/x \ia\space def
/y \ib\space def
y 0 eq
{/ValueTempA 0 def
/ValueTempB 0.5 def}
{/ValueTempZ 2 1 x x mul y y mul div add sqrt mul def
/ValueTempA 1 ValueTempZ div def
/ValueTempB x y ValueTempZ mul div def}
\psline(! x ValueTempA sub y ValueTempB sub)
(! x ValueTempA add y ValueTempB add)}}


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