[pdftex] pdftricks & slides font issue

Troy Goodson Troy.D.Goodson at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Oct 13 12:31:35 CEST 2003

I'm hoping that someone has a work-around for this problem:

I want to use
with pdflatex & pdftricks.  However, when I use the slides class, the  
fonts in the pstricks graphic are still the article-class fonts, not  
the fonts for slides.  I had a workaround for an earlier version of  
pdftricks, but I'm having problems adapting it to the current version.


I'm using pdftricks 1.16
$Id: pdftricks.sty,v 1.16 2003/08/10 04:29:20 cvr Exp cvr $
and ps2eps from

My old workarund was to add this before \begin{document}

\def\BeforeIncludedStream % workaound for bug in pdftricks with slides
     \message{Opening PDFStream=\PDFCutFile}%
     \immediate\write\PDFStream{\string\input\space tmp.inputs}

this doesn't work anymore because \BeforeIncludedStream is not defined  
in pdftricks.sty.  Apparently more has changed than the name of the  
definition, because I can't seem to adapt the above to the new  

I've asked for help about this at
and in a bug report:

In the example, below, look at the text "My own text!" and you'll
see the font difference.


% originally from  



My own Text!

\rput(0,0.5){My own text!}
\pstVerb{/x \ia\space def
/y \ib\space def
y 0 eq
{/ValueTempA 0 def
/ValueTempB 0.5 def}
{/ValueTempZ 2 1 x x mul y y mul div add sqrt mul def
/ValueTempA 1 ValueTempZ div def
/ValueTempB x y ValueTempZ mul div def}
\psline(! x ValueTempA sub y ValueTempB sub)
(! x ValueTempA add y ValueTempB add)}}


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