[pdftex] Re: Using Hyperref and Harvard and Natbib, nharvard problem with windows

daly at linmpi.mpg.de daly at linmpi.mpg.de
Tue Nov 18 16:19:36 CET 2003

> > I have a problem now with natbib, I am using windows and the nharvard option
> > <\usepackage[nharvard]{natbib}> for natbib is not found. When I do a search
> > on my pc I only find nharvard.perl, and no nharvard.sty.
> sorry, I have never heard of the "nharvard" option for natbib. you might
> want to talk to the natbib author.
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> Sebastian Rahtz      Information Manager
> Oxford University Computing Services
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As the author of natbib, I too have never heard of this option, nor of
"harvard" option either. If you want to use harvard style bst files with
natbib, you simply use them. Natbib understands them automatically, no option
is needed to activate them.

Patrick Daly

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