[pdftex] newbie fontexpand help

Giovanni Biczo gbiczo at freestart.hu
Fri Nov 14 11:43:47 CET 2003

Hi all

I'm new to this list.
After succesfully protrude chars, following Thanh's instructions, I tried to 
expand chars. I made the required tfm's, but when using 
\pdfadjustspacing =2, then "pdfTeX error (arithmethic): number too big".
When using dvips (pdfoutput=0), then dvips complained about not finding the 
required fonts, because the corresponding .vf's were not installed.

So I tried to expand the fonts with fontinst: made a huge fontinst file, ran 
it etc etc.
Now pdflatex cries: 
TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [max level recursion=10]
dvips says: 
Virtual recursion stack overflow

Thanks in advance

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