[pdftex] formatting problem when coverting into pdf

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Wed Nov 5 17:04:26 CET 2003

On Wednesday 05 November 2003 05:25 am, Always Bishan wrote:
> hi
> I'm new with pdftex. I converted a tex file with
> proper formatting into pdf and lot of formatting was
> lost.

OK slow down a moment.  Are you starting with a TeX file
(e.g., foo.tex)? Are you processing it with a statement like
pdftex foo.tex
pdflatex foo.tex
(depending on how you wrote the file of course, in plain TeX or 

These statements take the place of:
tex foo.tex
latex foo.tex

You don't do one and then the other.

If you do either pdftex (file) or pdflatex (file)  you 
should have a properly formatted pdf file. 

Now, you listed some error messages. What program or 
facility is giving you these error messages?

John Culleton

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