[pdftex] PS fonts installation und usage

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> Hi there,
> sorry this question may seem rather beginner like, but since 
> I cannot find a step by step or sthg. guide for this I 
> thought one of you guys might be able to help: I want to use 
> Postscript I fonts in my pdftex. The only guide I could find 
> so far for this told me how to do it under WIN (I am using 
> SUSE LINUX 8.2) and there I did not know how to call the 
> fonts from my script after installing (i.e. \newfont{}). SO 
> to cut a long story short: How do I install and afterward use 
> PS fonts under pdftex or pdflatex?


which is mentioned on an almost a daily basis in the comp.text.tex newsgroup.

Peter W.

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