[pdftex] Unencoded glyphs do not appear in pdf

Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Mon Nov 3 09:23:17 CET 2003

Le mercredi 29 octobre 2003 à 20:00:12, J. Oliveira écrivit :

JO> Hello

JO> I'm having a problem with pdfLaTeX not being able to access 
JO> unencoded glyphs. I installed some Type 1 font in my MiKTeX 
JO> system using fontinst following the intructions of Phillip 
JO> Lehman's Font Installation Guide. Now, for one of the fonts the 
JO> fi and fl ligatures are not encoded, that is, the afm file has 
JO> the following lines:

JO> C -1 ; WX 600 ; N fi ; B -1 -16 620 764 ;

JO> C -1 ; WX 606 ; N fl ; B 0 -17 627 763 ;

JO> Neither dvips nor dvipdfm have any problem using these 
JO> ligatures. However, if I generate the pdf file using pdflatex 
JO> directly, the glyphs are missing (only for this font; the other 
JO> fonts where the fl and fi characters are encoded in the afm 
JO> file show no problem). My questions are:
JO> a) Is this normal or is there any problem with my installation?

this is not normal & there is a problem with your installation

JO> b) Is there any workaround so that I can still use pdflatex?

the workaround is to find the problem with your installation!

you need to have the same kind of line in a .map file for pdftex as for
dvips/dvipdfm, in particular, if you use fontinst, you most probably
need to have a reencoding statement for the font in the map file.

 Thierry Bouche                                      

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