[pdftex] pdftex 1.10b: Incorrect (bounding boxes) inclusion ofpdf-pictures.

Stas Fomin stas at custis.ru
Mon May 26 16:51:55 CEST 2003

>> Stas Fomin wrote:
>> >       pdftex 1.10b (pdflatex) from miktex 2.3 incorrectly includes pdf- 
>> >       pictures into pdf (problems with bounding boxes). 
>> I think that somegraph.pdf is not a legal PDF. According to the
>> PDF Reference a cropbox has to be specified in a page object and
>> not in the page tree node as somegraph.pdf does it. Thats why 

>Pardon? The entry for CropBox in Table 3.18 clearly states

        And what the decision?

This is a bug or a feature? :)

This PDF file was produced by EPSTOPDF,
and it works well with all version of PDFTEX 
in MikTex <=2.1.

      Sincerely, Stas Fomin.

P.S.  Now I use 2 version of MikTex simultaneously:
        2.3 - for editing (yap shows postcript pictures)
        2.1 - for producing PDF file.

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