[pdftex] Encoding entry for .otf fonts

Johannes Kuester jk at typoma.com
Thu May 15 17:31:49 CEST 2003

Diederik van Arkel wrote:
> On to my next problem with .otf fonts in pdftex. When embedding an otf
> font into a pdffile
> pdftex isn't filling in the Encoding object. This results in me being
> unable to access all the
> glyphs. How are people currently coping with this or is this another
> problem in my setup?

pdftex's font handling is TeX's font handling. So it is restricted to
256 glyphs in a font. For OpenType files, this means that one could only
access the first 256 glyphs only -- without reencoding.
To access the other glyphs, one has to reencode: just like one would do
for Type1 fonts by using "ReEncodeFont" in the map file, and by creating
a tfm and a vf file for each encoding etc.

This way, one could at least make use of all the glyphs, albeit by
putting them in different virtual fonts. Of course this is not a very
nice approach, as for example one loses the kerning between glyphs which
are put in different virtual fonts, but it seems to be the only way that
works (at the moment...?)

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Johannes Kuester

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