[pdftex] otf fonts in pdftex

Diederik van Arkel vanarkel at knoware.nl
Mon May 12 17:20:33 CEST 2003

On Sunday, May 11, 2003, at 02:21 AM, Michel Bovani wrote:

> Le samedi, 10 mai 2003, à 23:15 Europe/Paris, Diederik van Arkel a 
> écrit :
>> Ahhh silly me, that helped. Thank you very much. Now I have to figure
>> out why it's entering an illegal FontBBox for the embedded font...
> I have the same problem with Warnock pro. Perhaps because otf fonts 
> needs to be fully embedded.
> Try to transform your pdf into a ps (with a printer driver eg) and 
> convert it into a pdf with distiller or ps2pdf...
> Works fine for me -)

OK, I can see what's going wrong here. When the otf font is being 
copied into the pdf it isn't reading
the original FontBBox from the 'head' section of the original font but 
trying to reconstruct it from the
fontdimen params of the raw .tfm. Unfortunately fontinst hasn't put any 
fontdimens into the raw .tfm
So when I copy the fontdimen instructions from the reencoded font .pl 
file into the raw .pl file before
running pltotfm then this part works ok.

Does anyone know if this is a pdftex bug or a fontinst bug and where I 
should report it?
(my feeling is that it's a pdftex bug)

Diederik van Arkel

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