[pdftex] eepic drawings support

P.W.Daly, MPAe, Lindau, Germany daly at linmpi.mpg.de
Thu May 8 18:02:50 CEST 2003

> Uz.ytkownik Chris Hubert napisa?:
>   > To the best of my knowledge, eepic requires the use of some postscript
>   > "special" commands that are not supported in pdf(la)tex.
>   >
> Non-PDF special ignored!
> ...
> I wonder if this message has anything to do with it :-)

It sure does. 

You can use the eepicemu package in place of eepic, which emulates the
PostScript commands with normal LaTeX. This works with pdfTeX too, but the
results are not good. But at least you get results.


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