[pdftex] eepic drawings support

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Thu May 8 16:54:20 CEST 2003

   Tomek Grzejszczyk wrote:
   > Hello,
   > 	Does pdflatex support eepic package? In my document it generates all text 
   > on the drawing, but no lines (and the drawing doesn't look like a 
   > drawing any more :-)). Is it standard behaviour or do I have just a bad 
   > luck? I can give a link to my document if anybody is interested to see 
   > and test it.

   Another question would be: Supports `eepic' pdfTeX? The answer is 
   unfortunately also "No"...

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Are you sure the answer is no?
eepic only uses a few tpic drawing specials and it ought to be able to
convert those to pdfliterals, I thought someone must have done that by
now so I asked google, which refered me to the pdftex manual:-)

which  says:

3. tpic: The `tpic' \special commands (used in some macro packages)
   can be redefined to produce literal PDF, using macros by Hans



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