[pdftex] Photo reproduction with PDF.

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Jun 23 10:34:26 CEST 2003

Hans said:
> but afaik (never used it myself) it can place ps, so it's often used 
> by printing houses for making new ps files out of the ones the get

Quark can place a .eps (encapsulated PostScript) file, as it can any 
other graphic file.

It can't render the PS code in the graphic though, and if there's no 
(lousy / lossy) bitmap preview, will blithely display a box with an 
`X' in it in lieu of the actual graphic.

Similarly, when printing to a non-PostScript printer, Quark just 
sends the bitmap preview (well, to be fair, the preview can be a 
vector representation---PICT on the Mac allows for that) and that's 

All of the above can be quite amusing come April 1 if one replaces 
the preview in a commonly used file at a graphics shop w/ that of 
some other image ;)

In order to get arbitrary PS into Quark one must:

  - print it and scan it and place it (I know shops which'll do this, 
but of course it's not the original PS)
  - distill to a .pdf, export each page as a .eps and place that 
(we've done this at work at need)
  - distill to a .pdf and use Quark's import .pdf feature (for one 
graphic / page at a time)

that last apparently is quite limited as to what .pdf versions it'll 
place, and has other limitations.


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