[pdftex] Photo reproduction with PDF.

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Sun Jun 22 16:44:07 CEST 2003

I agree with everything which Hans said save for:
> (a) they prefer quark because many printing houses use quark's ps 
> editing features (last minute)

Quark doesn't do ps (PostScript editing). Quark (barely) is able to 
edit / modify Quark files.

Programs which are able to edit PostScript include OneVision and 
Enfocus' Tailor.app. There's also a plug-in for Freehand which allows 
one to open (some) eps files, and Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw 
are both able to parse .eps files (after a fashion) and then edit 
them in their internal / native representation.

Converting to .pdf allows Freehand to open files up directly, and 
also enables on to use Adobe Acrobat's editing facilities---these can 
be greatly expanded upon by getting the Acrobat plug-in Enfocus' 

One further wrinkle on using pdftex w/ graphics---if one is going to 
preflight using PitStop (which many printers want / expect / hope 
for), PitStop is unable to reach within a placed pdf ``form'' object, 
so one must flatten out the .pdf representation (that's a good time 
to arrange to embed standard fonts too).


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