[pdftex] Photo reproduction with PDF.

Ulrich Dirr ud at art-satz.de
Sun Jun 22 08:59:47 CEST 2003

John Culleton wrote:
> On another list a publisher stated that her printers preferred Quark
> Xpress files to pdf output becuse the resolution of photos was poorer
> with pdf files. I thought the resolution of the photo was set when
> the (e.g.) tiff was created and was not affected by inclusion in a
> pdf file. But before I say so I would like to have the benefit of
> this list's wisdom. 

I'm reading various prepress mailing lists too. The program which is
most often discussed concerning difficulties/errors for prepress service
bureaus or printers is definitely Quark (or better: files sent in Quark
native format instead of PS or PDF).

I've used pdftex generated PDF files containing photos for direct film
production (4c and duotone) without ***any*** problems.

Best regards,
Ulrich Dirr

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