[pdftex] full page images

beezaur beezaur at myhome.net
Thu Jun 19 21:37:50 CEST 2003


I have a question about including full page images in a LaTeX document 
that eventually needs to find its way to pdf format.

I am writing an engineering document (class amsart) for work.  I have 
been using both the commands "latex doc.tex" and "pdflatex doc.tex" 
under Red Hat Linux version 8.  The document needs to include some 
manufacturer specification sheets which are in pdf files, usually of 
several pages in length.

The first part of my problem is extracting the single page I need. I 
have been printing to files in both pdf and ps formats from various 
readers, then using the \includegraphics command in the graphicx package.

The second part is really where the problem is: the graphic starts its 
upper left corner where a paragraph would start, then runs off the page. 
  I need it to cover the entire page, if that is possible.  Otherwise, I 
need text resolution that can be read.  Text from the above printing 
method is fairly garbled.

Any ideas how to get a full page graphic, or at least one with readable 



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