[pdftex] pdftex 1.10a: Linux vs Solaris

Igor Khomyakov ikh at awaresw.com
Fri Jun 13 15:45:38 CEST 2003

Please find within.

> > ...
> > http://awaresw.com/download/pdftex/test_solaris.pdf
> > http://awaresw.com/download/pdftex/test_linux.pdf
> >
> > These files have several differences ... what I meant was that it is not
> > just the difference in creation date field.
> * /CreationDate
> * Changes in the "random" part of font names that only contain
>   a subset of glyphs.
> * The linux pdf file have an encoding object that contains the
>   differences for the glyph at position zero and the used glyphs.
>   The solaris file contains a much longer encoding object, probably
>   all glyphs, also the glyphs where there is no difference.
>   Also the position of the object is an other: in the solaris
>   version the object comes before the embedded font file,
>   in the linux version afterwards.

Why are the two items above different? I thought that cmr10 was included
into tetex, and therefore should be exactly the same on Linux and Solaris
... should it not? Does pdftex use any OS dependent font resources?

Thank you,

> * Of course the changed size and position of the encoding object
>   leads to an other xref table.
> ...

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