[pdftex] Trying to print testpage with Acrobat Reader 5.06

Andreas Matthias amat at kabsi.at
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

Martin Schroeder wrote:

> when I try to print testpage.pdf generated from testpage.tex for
> a4paper and singlesided paper with Acrobat Reader 5.06 under
> Linux (without shrinking or stretching) the page is neither
> vertically nor horizontically aligned -- this also shows when
> printing to file and viewing the result with gv. Using the
> geometry package doesn't help. With shrinking
> enabled the effect vanishes.
> What helps is to toggle the pagesize in the page setup to letter
> and back to A4. Weird...
> Can anybody reproduce this or am I seeing ghosts?

Yes. In AR4 the page setup menu shows A4 paper with Letter
dimensions. This was `fixed' in AR5. Now the page setup
menu shows A4 paper with A4 dimensions. Nevertheless the
printing was not fixed. Both AR4 and AR5 print on letter
paper as default. You must click on A4 once again (even
if the menu shows A4 paper with A4 dimensions) to get
a printed copy on A4.

> And does this
> also happen with Acrobat Reader 5.1?

I'll tell you in one and a half years, when 5.1 will be
available for Linux. :-(


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