[pdftex] producing a5 booklets from a4

Kester Clegg kester at cs.york.ac.uk
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

Rolf Niepraschk <Rolf.Niepraschk at ptb.de> writes:

> > I product a5 booklets from pdflatex produced a4 pdf using texexec
> > utility, e.g.
> > texexec --pdfarrange --paper=a5a4 --print=up
> > However, this does not achieve the correct typesetting of the page
> > layout in a book format, in the way psbook used to.  That is, left-hand


> > Are there any pdf utilities that can help me produce properly formatted
> > a5 booklets from a4 pdf?
> Have a look at the LaTeX package `pdfpages'...

Thanks Rolf for the suggestion, however, that involves me creating a new
document to process an existing document?  I don't want to have to do
that (or even write a script to do that) each time someone sends me a
pdf document - I'm looking for something that will produce correct
signatures like psbook and like the whole psutils suite, is an external

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