[pdftex] pdf encryption produces corrupt pdfs when including certain non-corrupt pdfs

Andreas Matthias amat at kabsi.at
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

woody+pdftex at switchonline.com.au wrote:

> I have maybe found a bug in the pdfcrypt or includepdf routines:

This is neither a bug in pdfpages nor in pdfcrypt. I can
reproduce the error with just low-level pdftex primitives.

\pdfcrypt owner {}
\immediate \pdfximage width 100mm {yp_super_investments.pdf}
%\immediate \pdfximage width 100mm {yp_super_rollover.pdf}

> History of the offending file:
> yp_super_investments is yp_super_rollover written over using a perl Text::PDF script yp_rollover_to_investments-percent.pl

I suppose there is a bug in your perl script. The above example file
creates a well formed PDF document, if `yp_super_rollover.pdf'
is inserted. But any PDF viewer crashes if `yp_super_investments.pdf'
is inserted. So it seem to be the conversion from .._rollover.pdf
to .._investments.pdf which is buggy. 

Best regards

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