[pdftex] Pdftex and hyperref

Andreas Matthias amat at kabsi.at
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

Mancini Stephane <stephane.mancini at lis.inpg.fr> wrote:

> I would like to keep hypereferences from the pdf I include
> in my latex document, processed by pdftex.
> Indeed, the pdf produced by pdftex seems to supress hypereferences
> from the included files with pdfpages.

Pdfpages.sty is just a wrapper for \inlcudegraphics and
\includegraphics relies on pdftex. Unfortunately pdftex
does not preserve links of inserted pdf documents.

There are a lot of links for which it would not make sense
to preserve them, but not for all. Especially URL links:


  /Subtype /Link /A << /Type /Action /S /URI /URI (http://www.tug.org) >>

If one wants to insert a pdf document, which contains such
an URL link, this kind of link should IMHO be preserved.
But until now pdftex cannot do this.

> What can I do to keep hyper-references ?

Find someone to write a patch for pdftex.


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