[pdftex] Different Space Requirement of hyperref ?

Steffen Neumann sneumann at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003


I have a minor annoyance with, I think, pdflatex & hyperref,
System is SuSe Linux with tetex from source teTeX-src-beta-20001218
with pdfTeX from source, Version 3.14159-1.00a-pretest-20010806

Problem does not appear with an earlier (stock) version 
from Suse7.0 / tetex 1.0.7 / pdflatex 0.13d

I have a navigation bar in the (fancyheadings-)footer,
which has different position/spacing depending on the target 
of the hyperlinks.

An example document can be found at the following address,
the problem is between the last & second last page: 
the right arrow is wider on the last slide,
and centering causes the cfoot to jump to the left.

The footer command looks a bit complex,
since I allow navigation through a tree-like structure,
and there are two ifthenelse constructs for walking forward/backward
(marked with *), but I'd say that both cases have the same space requirements
and only differ in the target. Both targets are set automagically.

Are there any obvious things I missed ? 
What are the first things to check ?
Is there a known problem with either hyperref 
or the beta-pdflatex, and is it fixed now ?

Providing a stripped-down-single-file Version of the bug 
is a bit of hassle, but if needed I'll try to do it, please ask.

Thanks for any help,

    %% link to previous uplevel page
    %% link to previous page
*   \ifthenelse{ 2 > \value{foilnumber}}%
*   {\setcounter{helper}{\value{foilnumber}}
*     \hyperlink{outline.0.0}{\Pisymbol{psy}{220}}
*   }{\setcounter{helper}{\value{foilnumber}-1}
*     \hyperlink{endofpage\roman{helper}}{\Pisymbol{psy}{220}}
*     }
    %% link to first build of this page
    %% link to last build of this page
    %% link to next potentially optional page
*   \ifthenelse{\equal{\pageref{LastPage}}{\thepage}}
*   {\setcounter{helper}{\value{foilnumber}}
*     \hyperlink{outline.0.1}{\Pisymbol{psy}{222}}}
*   { \setcounter{helper}{\value{foilnumber}+1}
*     \hyperlink{endofpage\roman{helper}}{\Pisymbol{psy}{222}}
*     }
    %% link to next uplevel page

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