[pdftex] strange pdflatex error message

Ulrich G. Wortmann uliw at erdw.ethz.ch
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

Hi there,

I'm running pdflatex for quite a while now, and are a happy
camper.. However, I recently tried to run it on a large document,
which, sure enough, resulted in the need to tweak some of pdflatex
memory variables in texmf.cnf. 

I finally got pdflatex to compile about 1762 pages of a densely
populated two column document. However, regardless how I change the
settings in texmf.cnf, 1762 pages seems to be an upper limit. pdflatex
will always fail with the following error message:

        ! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry 
        [number of destination names=20000]

I did an extensive search, both in my local tex-docs, as well as on
the net (not sure though whether deja has now all the old news
articles again..) but found only one unanswered posting with this
specific error message.

Does anybody know, how to increase the destination names variable????



	Uli Wortmann           http://www.spoc.ethz.ch/uli
	Dept. of Geology       Fax (Switzerland) (1) 632  1030
	ETH-Zuerich            Fon                        3694

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