[pdftex] font expansion

Guy Worthington guyw at multiline.com.au
Sun Jun 1 17:13:37 CEST 2003

>>Guy Worthington wrote:if there is a tool which can analyse a pdf
>>file and tell me where glyphs have stretched.

>Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl>: i've got an -in itself interesting- trick
>to visualize this in color; i'll send you an example off-list. [i can
>post it at our site if there is more interest in it]; also, when such
>a tool is needed, and you are willing to install context to visualize
>efcode settings, i can clean/document up the tex code and put it into
>a module (rather trivial code btw once you know the trick).

I've got ConTeXt and even used it in anger (with good results).  The
only reason I use my crufty TeX macros is that I've got used to them.
I'll look forward to using the efcode visual tool; thanks Hans.

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